Poker – A game of skill

There is a ranking methodology of the hands which is standardized for poker games. The players’ hands are compared with this ranking system. The player who gets highest rank is declared as the winner for that very deal. In some mode of play the player who gets the lowest rank is declared the winner of the deal.

There is a provision to increase the ranking when a number of cards of the same rank can be included casino poker rules. All the five cards must be from the same suit. The five cards can also form consecutive series.

A hand will mean a pack of five cards.

The ranking of the cards will be A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

Flush which is also known as straight flush means cards of same suit. A player who gets cards of same suit gets a flush.

The same ranking holds good for poker also irrespective of its arrangement be it a picture or a description.

If the cards of same suit are in sequence the hand is again a straight flush.

A Royal flush is one straight flush in which the ace is high. Royal flush may have four different possibilities.

Quad is a combination of four cards of same kind.

If the hand has got three cards of same rank and two cards of different rank, it denotes a full house. A full house is also called a full boat.

When all five cards happen to be from the same suit, the poker hand is called a Flush hand. The cards should not be in a sequence.

When sequential five cards build up with minimum two different suits, it is called Straight poker hand.

If the card builds up is such that there are three same rank cards along with two cards from different rank the hand is known as trip poker hand. The cards should not be same as each other also.